Sewing, sewing, sewing

I’ve been busy sewing these last couple of days, every spare minute I get. Here is a sneak peak of a few projects I have going on for a certain someone’s 4th birthday coming up. I had a request for a birthday dress with buttons, flowers and frills, oh and pink, don’t forget the pink. hmmm.

   Maekellen 091

   Maekellen 083

The quilt (if you can call it that) is made from a pink cotton tablecloth I had and some preloved baby sheets that were Jasmine’s as a baby. I brought the ribbon for the edges but I’m 30cm too short, bugger. I don’t know how I measured that wrong.

   Maekellen 100



2 thoughts on “Sewing, sewing, sewing

  1. hello…..finally found the comment button !!!….I may live sooo far away, but reading this page lets me see what you lovely people are up to on a daily basis……..I like how you are soooo creative and clever with the prepurposed bits and bobs that you get….and I like how you are intending to get up early and do all the things you want to do before those gorgeous children of yours wake up….you have your moment before you have your day….
    love all that you do, and love you…..m.i.l.

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