Puddle jumping

What gorgeous weather.

Perfect for doing this

 Outside 014  Outside 007 Outside 015

Outside 008  Outside 011 Outside 016 

It has been raining all night here and is still raining now, We did however get a small break in the rain to get outside and have a play. Jasmine and Billy entertained themselves while I had a look at my veggie patch and found this little beauty peeking out between the zucchini plants.

     Outside 001

Apparently you can eat the flowers. I found a recipe here, sounds nice.
Stuffed zucchini flowers.

2 thoughts on “Puddle jumping

  1. Hello! I stopped by via Wardrobe Refashion, and happened on this post. If you haven’t tried the squash blossoms yet, you should. I have a more simple recipe which I posted last year. You can see it through this link:
    Let me know what you think of them.
    You’ve made some really cute refashions for the little ones. I’ll be “wandering” through your earlier posts, and stopping back!
    Have a beautiful day!

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