Headband tutorial

This is my first wardrobe refashion, not much but I enjoyed doing it and you can never have too many accessories. So I thought I’d do a mini tutorial for some simple headbands made from old t-shirts.

First up you will need to cut 2 rectangles. One measuring 36cm length by 12cm width and the other 26cm length by 8cm width, and a piece of elastic measuring 15cm.

You can really make it as wide as you like but the length needs to stay the same to fit a child, I made a couple for me and just changed the length of the elastic. You will need to cut  the rectangle out so the stretch is going along the length.

The circles are my decorations for this one.

Okay next up I serged along the edges of the largest rectangle because I like the finished look but this material doesn’t fray so if you don’t have an over locker you can skip that step.

Fold edges over approx. 1cm and press

Play 059

straight stitch edge about 1/2 cm from the edge, all the way along both sides

Play 061

This is when you would decorate your headband before you sew the elastic in.

Next up get your other rectangle and lay it out with the right side of your material facing you. Fold in half and press. Sew along the edge about 1/2 cm allowance all the way along.

Play 063 

Pull it through and press so the seam is along the middle, making a casing for the elastic.    Attach a safety pin to elastic and thread it through your casing, pin one end.

Play 068

Play 069

Next up grab your long rectangle and scrunch up one end like so

Play 070 
and poke inside the casing with the elastic and pin. sew along the edge making sure you get the elastic casing and headband. Don’t forget to do a start and stop stitch at each end! I sew along it twice to really reinforce it.

Play 071

Play 073

Poke in the other end and sew.  Find a child to model it for you and taadahh the headband is finished

Play 082

Play 096

Play 097 
 Its very easy, I’m not so sure about my instructions though so if you have any questions just ask.

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