Family home

 What a weekend, we spent the majority of the weekend out at the family home. We have lived in this home since I was about 7, Dad moved out awhile ago and has been trying to get the house up to scratch to be able to rent it out. There has been allot of work needed including gutting the bathroom, repairing roofs and replacing guttering and floors. All the major work has been done so all that is left is the painting and collecting of all our stuff that was left behind when we moved out

. Kids 035
Billy insisted on helping his Aunty wash walls, and just had to have the gloves on as well, and yes our dad let us choose the paint when we were teenagers. This was Emma’s room, mine was a terracotta orange. But now they are a lovely off white colour.

While we were inside working Jasmine was having a ball outside playing pirates with aunty Jo-Jo. She has such an imagination that she decided that the back of dads ute was the ship. I went for a walk around the garden later that afternoon and came across some strange sites.

Kids 026    Kids 025    Kids 027

Apparently this was the treasure from the pirates treasure hunt. Well we had a good weekend and really enjoyed seeing Pops and Jo-Jo. Love you guys!


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