Sewing with children

Like most mothers that sew, rest time for your kids is a must, this is our creative time. Unfortunately Jasmine has decided lately that she doesn’t need a rest anymore. I do make her have some quiet time in her bed with books but this usually only last about half an hour. When she gets up she has been enjoying some sewing time with me.

Haydn and I are true believers as parents that when our children show an interest in something we like to encourage them. So when Jasmine told me she wanted to do some sewing, that’s what we did. For her birthday I made up a little sewing case with needles, thread, material, scissors, pins and pretty much everything a little sewer would need.

    Birthday 022

Then I picked up some embroidery hoops from the op shop and this is her first creation. She just loves it.

Kids 023

Kids 025

So now every day we have quiet time together.


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