Billy the chook whisperer

We have 10 chooks that free range around our house and surrounding paddocks, we lock them up at night as there are foxes but through the day they are free to roam.

They have been spending allot of time in our veggie patch at the moment digging around, pooping (great bring on the veggie patch goodness), while I have been getting it ready for the winter veggies to go in. Billy just loves the chooks, he will chase them for hours just to get a touch of their soft feathers but has never been able to catch one at least until today.

Kids 037

The chook just seem to sit and let him pick it up. I could see the chook thinking ”maybe if I let him pick me up he will stop chasing me". Well the chook was wrong because as soon as billy let go he was back to chasing it around the garden.


4 thoughts on “Billy the chook whisperer

  1. I love how you had time to go and get the camera before he let go! love it. Eli spends just as much time chasing her chooks trying to get a cuddle. 🙂

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