Cooking with kids

I like to feed my family as healthily as possible and also on a budget so I try to make as much of our food from scratch as possible. Each Monday me and the kid Letts do our weekly bake. I start off by doing all the prep while they are asleep and by the time Billy wakes up its time to cook the bickies and muffins.

Each week our menu changes but this is what we made for this week. 1 litre of yogurt (we only eat natural), 1 pot of easy peas sunny soup, some yummy biscuits, 2 batches of apple muffins (i freeze half), 2 loaves of bread, 1 wholemeal, 1 white (I have a bread maker), and some mini quiches. I also stewed up some apples to mix through our yogurt.

Kids 060 Kids 062 Kids 057

 Kids 015 Play 053 Play 054 
This will usually last us all week, I might make another batch of bickies on about Thursday and if we have people for tea on the weekend, which we usually do, I will bake some more bread. There is also a never ending supply of fruit and veggies that we snack on throughout the day.

Kids 065

The kids love to help and it helps me so I can get it all done, then I can sit back for the week and enjoy all the homemade yummy goodness.


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