House Cleaning

How do you get your house cleaning done
If you are anything like me, you leave it until your husband starts to notice how grotty the shower is getting and comments on it, Whoops.
Well anyway here’s how I do mine.
Children 155
Cleaning the bathroom
Maekellen 055 
Maekellen 056 
Hanging the washing
Kids 004 

 My kids just love to help out, When I’m cleaning the bathroom they are quite happy with a sponge and a spray bottle filled with water.

Jasmine is an expert with laundry, the other night she even folded a whole basket of washing while I was cooking tea. I hadn’t even noticed what she was doing until Haydn pointed it out. Thanks Jasmine.

So that’s how we do things round here, how bout you?



2 thoughts on “House Cleaning

  1. Child Labour, love it. Do you loan them out? Jasmine’s clothes line would come in handy as well!Keep them enjoying it and hopefully they won’t complain when they get older… Good Luck!

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