No chooks allowed

My chooks have been enjoying the garden for awhile now and not doing much damage as all I have had in the vegetable patch were potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I have recently dug them all out and planted out the garden with my winter seedlings, that afternoon my chooks dug them all up. I was not happy. We replanted what we could save and kept the chooks locked up until the vegies had developed a bit. When I let the chooks out again a few weeks later they dug them all out for a second time, I was really cross this time. I was almost ready to do away with my chooks but the very next day they laid me 13 eggs. They must have known. So today I have been making my patch a fence with random pieces of shade cloth Haydn found for me. And just below you can see my twice dug up spinach and sweet peas, struggling to survive but seem to be going okay. Fingers crossed.


I was also faced with another challenge, keeping two active children from trying to climb all over the fence, occupied. I made them a cubby where they ate lunch and spent the majority of the morning quite happily.

101_2768 101_2769 101_2770    101_2775


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