One of our favourite places to go and play at is my sisters place. Her partner is a builder and any spare chance he has is spent building their house. There is so much for a child to do out there, with builders sand to play in,


big clay mud puddles to stomp in



brand new empty draws to play hide and seek in,


and cut off bench tops to convert into slides.


We also find any room of the house to roll out a swag and have a little nap! Guess what room it is?


To tell you the truth, Just secretly I will be sad when the house is all built and all the fun messy activities are all cleaned up. But dont tell Meg that. Ssshhh.

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4 thoughts on “Play

  1. I’m sure Dave and Meg love having the kids visit. Outside should remain fun for them for a while. I think it will take some time to get the garden really going. Thanks for the picture of the kitchen, I haven’t seen it yet and it looks great.

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