Card making

Jasmine has been asking me to get out the coloured sand card making kit for awhile now. I usually keep this craft project for outside play, but with all the wind here lately we just had to do it inside.

To tell you the truth I have been putting it off as tiny bits of coloured sand, glue and sticky paper in the hands of a 2 and 4 yr is not my favourite thing to clean up! You can find a similar product here.

We managed to keep the mess to a minimum today as Jasmine seems to have mastered her own special technique of spreading the sand


We kept Billy amused with some clag and glitter of his own.

And here is one of the eight cards Jasmine has made. A few Grandparents better keep an eye out for one of these coming in the mail very soon!

Oh and by the way, check out my retro vintage tablecloth in the first picture, I was given a nice pile from my Nanas house to be cut up for kids dresses. I couldn’t cut this one up though. Thanks Kelly and Heather for thinking of me!


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