Washing Powder

Staying at home with my children while they are young is always something that I wanted to do. I enjoy being at home and treat being a housewife as my job. I garden, make food from scratch and preserve fruits as a way of feeding my family a balanced nutritious diet and also to keep costs down. I home make soaps, washing powder, shampoo and deodorant because I like to limit what chemicals we are using on our bodies.

Over the next week I'm going to show you a few of those things.

 First up Homemade washing powder.

What you need,

4 bars of laundry soap or homemade soap

4 cups Borax

4 cups Washing soda

These items can all be found in the laundry aisle at the supermarket

Cheese grater and measuring cup

So all you need to do is grate up your soap as finely as possible. Jas grates ours so it usually comes out fairly chunky but that's okay.

Measure out 4 cups and tip into a large container that has a lid, tip in the 4 cups of borax and 4 cups of washing soda (I do the borax and washing soda as it has a fine dust that is not great if you breathe it in). Put the lid on and give it a big shake.

All done

The container I use is quite large but the washing powder half fills it. I use an old tablespoon and only put a small scoop in each wash. My machine is a front loader and I haven't had any problems.

If you like to have smelly washing powder then you can use a soap that suits your senses. My soap has orange essential oils in it so ours smells orange fresh.

It's simple to make and this amount will last us about 2 months, I wash twice if not three times a day and all up it cost me about $6.00.



5 thoughts on “Washing Powder

  1. hey lou, do u use warm water? do the soap flakes dissolve? I make a very similar recipe but it’s in liquid form…

  2. Hi Kelly, no I only wash in cold and the flakes seem to dissolve. Jasmine once put a huge scoop in the wash and after the wash cycle they felt a bit soapy so I gave them another rinse but other then that no probs. Ive seen the liquid recipe and have been meaning to try it.

  3. This is so interesting. Do you find that it still gets all the kid stains out? Not sure that I have ever seen those items in my laundry isle but I am certainly going to be looking now! $6.00 is too cheap to not try this!

  4. To tell you the truth Abbie, Im not good with stains anyway, even with regular washing powder! I rely on the sunshine as a natural stain remover but in terms of getting dirt and grime off my husbands clothes this works pretty well. We are in Australia but Im sure you would be able to get these items in the laundry aisle at any large supermarket. Let me know if you try it. 🙂

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