Homemade Yoghurt

My family only eat natural yoghurt, we add it to everything. Muesli in the mornings, in baked goods and it is O so yummy with fresh fruit puree. Our favourite at the moment is apple and pear puree with some cinnamon.

I have been making my own yoghurt since Billy was born using the easiyo maker until recently when I realized it was a whole lot easier and cheaper to make my own from scratch.

I make mine from fresh milk, straight from the cow. This does need to be heated up to kill all bacteria and then cooled back down. You can find many recipes around, these are some that I have tried and liked.

But this is how I do it, you will need:


1 litre of the best quality milk you can find.

Starter yoghurt, this needs to be the best quality natural yoghurt you can find. Natural yoghurt contains active live cultures; this is the friendly bacteria that will turn your milk into yogurt. I use Jalna; Once you have started making your own, you just use a Tbsp. of that as your starter each week.


1 litre jar or container


Thermos of some sort that fits your chosen jar, you could use a small esky. I use the old easiyo flask.

A saucepan to heat the milk.


Sterilize your jar and lid, I do this in boiling water but if you have a dishwasher then that works just as well.


Heat the milk in a saucepan to near boiling, continuing to stir until bubbles are just starting to form around the edges. Take off heat and allow to cool down to about 45 degrees.

Your milk will probably form a crust layer on top; you can take this off but I just stir it through.

Pour your milk into your sterilized jar and add 2 Tbsp. of starter yoghurt, Stir through well.

Place the lid on the jar to seal. Fill your thermos up with boiling water from the kettle and pop your jar in. Put the lid on. You will now need to put your flask somewhere that will be away from draughts and stay warm. I put mine on the mantle near the fireplace to keep warm. Leave the yoghurt for 8-12 hours to set.

Resist the urge to check if it is set as this will disturb the yoghurt and you will end up with sour yoghurt soup. Trust me I’ve tried!

Then enjoy, just like I have been while writing this post. Homemade carrot cake with natural yoghurt. Yum


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