My children have separate bedrooms, there isn’t a need for them to share as we have enough for one each, but at the moment we have Grandparents and Aunty D staying with us so Jasmine has quite happily moved into Billy’s bedroom. We set up our spare bed frame and moved her bedding in.




She also wanted her pictures up on the wall and her books and special trinkets next to the bed.



She also bought her favourite toys in and popped them at the end of her bed and then moved all her clothes into Billy’s cupboard with requests from me to move his clothes to the higher shelves. The funny thing is she was only going to sleep in there for 2 weeks while the family stayed but now her whole room has been moved and they have been sleeping so well that I’m thinking they might as well stay together.

The room looks so comfy, I want to sleep in there too!


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