A dress for my girl

I was recently given some lovely fabrics  from family friends over in the West. They are beautiful summery fabrics, so what better to make then a summer dress for my girl. The weather is slowly warming up here but it wont be long and summer will be upon us.

Jasmine and I made the dress together or at least Jasmine stood still long enough for me to get her measurements and tell me that she wanted some pink pockets on the dress. We compromised on a pink flower instead. I didn’t use a pattern but I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the dress to look.

103_3216 103_3218 103_3217 103_3224 103_3225 103_3226

I did some shirring on the upper back, my first time and am really happy with the results.

I am currently trying to make myself a mummy copy of the dress using some of the other fabric I was given.

Ill let you all know how I go!



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