Our Vegie Patch

I’m so very excited to be getting our fresh produce from our garden again. Its about time, these poor plants have been on a bit of a journey what with being dug up twice by the chooks and all.

So here we have it our onions and garlic.

100_3393 We have green beans popping up down the back and carrots and beetroot as well.

100_3392 Our asparagus plant is growing like crazy and has given us some good spears every couple of days so far.


Now I actually have no idea what was planted here, so whatever it is will be a great surprise.


We have been eating this lettuce and kale for awhile now and its still going strong. It gives us a family salad twice a week and gets picked daily for the runaway guinea pig who is living in my garden shed.

Behind this tank I have more carrots and sweet peas growing in between all the weeds and behind that is another tank with potatoes.



We also have some pumpkin sprouting up in the chook yard, so we have closed that pen off and have turned it into a potato pumpkin patch. I still have one more patch to plant out and for that patch I’m thinking tomato capsicum and eggplants.




2 thoughts on “Our Vegie Patch

  1. Looks amazing. What kind of tanks are those that you plant in? We are building a raised bed garden next spring and are still trying to figure out exactly how we are going to do that.

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