Out and about


Yesterday we decided to go to the heritage park near our place.

We walked through the bush collecting items as we went. Jasmine took her camera and was very fascinated in the animal droppings on the ground, taking photos of all the different types as we went. The kiddies led the way and I followed behind. We stopped for a snack down near the old farm sheds and talked about animals camouflaging themselves. Jasmine didn’t quite understand until we came to a lizard sunbaking which we thought was a stick.


Billy enjoyed checking out all the different types of nests.


We stopped on the ‘’bridge”” as the kids call it, to check out the views. 



And then it was home sweet home and a rest for some very tired bodies.



One thought on “Out and about

  1. Looks like an amazing time. My daughter didn’t get camouflage either when I tried to talk to her about it last week, but we didn’t have a lizard show up to iron out the point! Love those teachable moments.

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