Cheep cheep

After receiving a rooster (Russell) awhile back we decided to separate our chooks and pop him in with a few. They became clucky almost immediately and after 3 weeks we are happy to see the safe arrival of 2 chicks so far. There are still 3 chooks sitting and about 20 hopefully fertilised eggs under them so we should be hearing some more cheep cheeps very soon.






2 thoughts on “Cheep cheep

  1. I love chickens. Elizabeth got 4 day old bantom chickens two weeks ago from mum and dad (for her birthday) and the boys got one each too. They are just the cutest little things. I am amazed at what they just know to do without any help from a mummy chook. It is just so instinctive. Hope you have lots of cute little fluffy babies running around soon.

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