TV or no TV?

We’ve been struggling in the mornings for quite some time now. The kids want TV as soon as they have had breakfast and I believe that the TV first thing in the morning makes my kiddies grumpy, not to mention the fact that if they watch TV on the mornings we need to go somewhere we are always late. They generally whinge and whine when I say no and lately I have been giving in, BIG TIME. This usually results in grumpy kids AND a grumpy mum.

I also put it down to having no routine. I like to wake and get ready before the kids get up (which hasn’t been happening of late). So this morning I decided to do just that. I woke at 5.30am, this is quite easy for me as I prefer mornings and I also have a husband that milks at the crack of dawn, so his alarm wakes me anyway. I did my exercises and had a shower by 6.45, opened the house up and set up breakie on the bench. I then decided to get play-dough set up on the table so there would be something to divert the kids attention. It was a hit!

new pictures 007

After we were dressed and ready for our day we got to work on our creations. I sat down too and created for a bit, getting up to sweep and do dishes in between my modelling. The kids played happily for an hour and were quite easy to get out the door by 10am to run some errands.

We even picked up a DVD from the local library to watch this afternoon.

I plan to set up an activity such as puzzles, play-dough, paint or drawings each morning to keep the kids entertained and their minds off the TV. Hopefully I can keep this up!!

As a mother, I do struggle with the question I am about to ask you. I would love to hear your thoughts.

How much TV a day do you think is too much?


4 thoughts on “TV or no TV?

  1. I borrowed a book from my mum about the brain and how it’s plastic and therefore too much stimulation in one area can cause it to doiminate and other areas to fade. (Use it or loose it senario). It mentioned TV and how it stiumulates the part of the brain originally designed when hunting or for looking out for danger. The part that when something flashes past or makes a loud noise it grabs our attention. TV and especially ads can overstimulate this part of the brain and may cause poor concentration and behaviour problems although not enough research has been done into the possible problems. It’s best when possible to stimulate the other more useful parts.
    We have the TV on in the morning although I think it is habit and Ang likes the noise. I would prefer it to be off and I only let Lucy when possible to sit and watch playschool. If she is paying too much attention to the TV when I am watching something I turn it off so she can play instead.
    I love your idea of giving them activity in the morning and gets them used to not having the TV on in the mornings. Something you will be very grateful for when they start school.

    • I actually cant stand background noise but Haydn loves it. Sometimes I can arrive home and there is music coming from the computer, TV blaring and Haydn nowhere in sight. That book sounds interesting, I might just have to borrow it myself. I’m actually having a lot of problems with Jas and ads at the moment, She wants everything or believes everything they say! I’m not against TV as I think children can learn a lot although I do think that children can become over stimulated by too much TV as well and definatly no TV before school!!

  2. I do the same thing! Only I set out the activities the night before because I am NOT a morning person. They girls wake up before me and are usually dragging me out of bed to show me the “surprise” they found waiting for them. Like a farm all set up with animals. Or a block castle with small figurines all over it ready for pretend play. Playdough is a great idea.
    On mornings when I don’t have something set out we do normally resort to watching a show or two. It drives me nuts but they just love the silly PBS shows. I try to balance the TV watching with lots of outdoor play and activities that I know stimulate the other parts of their growing brains.
    And it is good to set yourself a goal of having a “no-watch” day. Where no matter what you do not turn on the TV at all.
    Good luck!

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