Heat pack

Jasmine has been complaining of a sore ear at rest time today so after further inspection and no noticeable redness etc., I got busy making her a small heat pack.

I remember my mum making these for my younger sister when she had earache, so I called to ask exactly what she did.

There are many patterns, tutorials on the web but I just used what I had on hand as my mum used to do.

new pictures 004

I used an old towel and cut out two equal squares, sewed around the edges, leaving a small gap and turned out the right way. I had rice on hand which i mixed with some lavender oil and filled the pouch. Added some prettiness and sewed the gap shut.

30 seconds in the microwave and I now have a contented young lady, with the request for a larger one for her sore foot!! Hhmmmm



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