While shopping the other day we decided to get a coconut to have a try as the kids are yet to taste one. I spent a good half hour last night  researching the best ways to crack open a coconut. Now I’m not sure if anyone has tried to open a coconut but we sure had a bit of trouble.

Releasing the milk was the easy part. One of the coconut eyes is soft and like a plug. All you need to do is insert a knife or pointy object into the eye and release the plug and then drain coconut water out (just ignore the mess in the background of the photo below).

new photos 008

new photos 006

The next part was not so easy!

Through my research I read that you needed to whack the coconut using the blunt edge of a knife around the equator or middle of the coconut to split it open. Easier said then done. I whacked the coconut hard, even tried the hammer, but there was no way it was going to open.

new photos 009

You can also heat it up in an oven to crack it open but that is just too time consuming for me so if all else fails you take it outside and throw it HARD at the concrete ground and send the children scrambling around the ground collecting all the pieces. Not too surprising this did the job and we all had a piece to try.

new photos 011

The verdict on wether we liked coconut, Jasmine loved the water and drank it down but didn’t enjoy the coconut meat, I like the meat (which I already knew) and billy wouldn’t even taste it. So I now have a whole coconut in the fridge for myself and plan on making some coconut milk for a smoothie later today. Yummo


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