In our kitchen

Now that we have tamed our very ancient and some what temperamental oven, we have been having fun in the kitchen this week baking to our bellies are full with homemade nutritious snacks.

new pics 003 

To tell you the truth our cupboards are bare and we really need to go shopping!! We have found numerous ways to cook with Oats, Brown sugar, Wholemeal flour, Nuts, Seeds and butter because that is about all we have left.

new pics 002

So far we have made Apricot balls which I posted about early last year, apple muffins, which Sally would make for me when I needed that extra boost while breastfeeding my babies and has now become one of our favourite recipes in this house. We have made Sally’s throat scratchers which are really yummy oaty muesli type bars. We have been making wholemeal bread and rolls in the bread maker and tomorrow we have Anzac biscuits in mind. Yum, I can now see some more nutritious cooking finding its way back into this Kitchen!

new pics 004

(This is Sally’s muffin recipe which Dad wrote out for me on an old envelope)


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