Chocolate covered strawberries

Once a month Jasmines school has Tuck-shop day where the parents bring a plate of food and then the food is sold to the children at very cheap prices. There are no weekly lunch orders so tuck-shop day is very exciting for the children.

This is a fundraising activity but also a learning experience for the children, as items are sold for as little as 10 cents and the children need to work out what they can buy and how much change they get. They are encouraged not to bring any more then 2 dollars each. The lunch items are sold first and the children can purchase pies, sausage rolls, pizzas or whatever has been bought on the day. And then out come the treats. A few things that I noticed this morning were cupcakes, lamingtons, and homemade jelly cups!                      

                            new pics 003   new pics 005

Our contribution to todays Tuck-shop were chocolate coated strawberries, Yum!


One thought on “Chocolate covered strawberries

  1. Hi Louie,

    Awesome tuckshop lunch – you are a super mum. The tuck shop sounds really good.

    I bought Frankie from the news agency. It costs $9.50 (so it’s pricey) but I think it’s worth it this time around. They also have a website, just type frankie into google and it should take you there.

    Enjoy the spring day!

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