Sourdough starter update

new pics 001

Its Day 5 of my sourdough starter and it seems to be coming along nicely. I’ve been feeding it each morning on a half cup of rye flour and half a cup of water, give a little stir I then transfer it to a clean jar and place back in the pantry.

As you can see above its going through a bubbly stage and apparently this is good; two more days and it should be ready. I cant wait to give it a try!


5 thoughts on “Sourdough starter update

      • Hi Louie,

        I have a good recipe from River Cottage Everyday – I love this book! It has 3 stages, but works envy well, with minimal kneading and each step is pretty quick.

        Step 1 Make the Sponge 100mls of active starter, 275 mls warm water and 250 grams flour. Whisk it all together in a large bowl, cover with Glad Wrap and leave in a warm place overnight.

        Step 2 Prepare the Dough (I do this before work) mix the sponge with another 300 grams flour a tablespoon of olive oil an 10 grams of salt (this is essential!) and knead for 10 minutes until smooth and silky. Put into and oiled bowl and roll around so it’s covered in oil too. Cover with glad wrap and leave for several hours until it’s roughly doubled in size (until I get back from work – around 4pm)

        Step 3 Prove the dough (I do this when I get home 4pm ish) deflate the dough and then place in a floured proving basket. If you don’t have one a well floured tea bowl in a colander does the trick. Cover with oiled glad wrap for 1 and a half to three hours until doubled in size.

        Heat the oven as high as it will go ours is 250 C, put your baking stone in if you have one. Once it’s heated VERY CAREULLY remove your bread from the tea bowl or proving basket onto thew stone or a hot (put in the oven for 5 minutes) floured baking tray. Get the bread into the oven as quickly as possible. Spray the bread and around the oven with water in a clean gardeners spray bottle so there’s lots of steam going everywhere – this is fun! Bake for 15 minutes at 250C then reduce heat to 200C for another half an hour. Give the oven and bread another spray when you reduce the heat.
        It will brown beautifully and should sound hollow when you tap the bottom.

        Good luck! Yas xo

  1. Ooh thanks, Ill get right onto making my sponge! I tried a loaf today from a different recipe but it didn’t work out. All was going good, it cooked beautifully but was still doughy when cut into. I think I need to knead a bit better, may need the help of the kitchen aide. Ill let you know how I go.

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