Nutritious School Lunches

When we moved I was unable to get Jasmine into a Kindergarten. She could have attended school this year but we decided to keep her back for the extra year due to our personal choice.

When we recently visited the local rural school around here they suggested doing an early transition to school. Jasmine now attends school two days a week and loves it.

new pics 030

(Cheeky little monkey)

Jas loves to eat and deciding what to put in her lunch each day is a treat for her. I let her choose from a range of ‘’healthy options’’. We usually have a range of things on offer such as

  • Many types of fruits
  • Vegetable sticks and dip
  • Natural Yoghurt with a variety of homemade purees
  • Home popped popcorn
  • Homemade treats for example choc chip biscuits, apple muffins, date balls etc.
  • Salad wraps/Bread rolls/Sandwiches
  • Dried fruits such as sultanas, mango, paw paw or apricots.

Below you can see what she decided on today.

new pics 025

And of course we have to pack Billy’s lunch as well.

new pics 026


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