Sourdough bread

After 2 failed attempts at making sourdough bread, I decided it was time to ask for some help. My recipes were just not working. It definitely wasn’t my starter as I had been caring for it as if it was a member of the family and it was bubbling away nicely.

I asked my good friends what recipe they used and they gave me a very detailed (Thank you Yas) explanation in the comments section of this post. The recipe comes from the book River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and worked a treat the first time.

new pics 040

new pics 042

I made this loaf when my mother in law was over and it was a great hit. I really recommend this recipe.

As for my starter; I save about a cup of starter each time and pop this in the fridge, when I need it again I get it out of the fridge and feed twice or three times that day and its awake and ready to use. Easy as that!


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