Potato Shape Printing

 While trying to cram a 2500 word essay (due tomorrow) into my day while somehow entertaining my children, Jasmine wanted to do some artwork.

Now Artwork was on the bottom of my To Do List today and I contemplated saying ‘’no, go and watch T.V’’. But then I realised that it was more then a little ironic that I was writing an essay about the Importance of Play in Early childhood and I was telling my child to go and watch T.V. So I turned off the computer and got to making some artwork for the kiddies.

We cut out shapes from potatoes stuck a fork in each shape and squirted some paint on newspaper. That was about as creative as I felt like being!

Well it was a hit and the kids loved it, although I’m not so sure about my paint covered forks, at least it will wash off.         

  new pics 083

                                     new pics 088  new pics 090

Now it’s time I get back to that Essay!


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