Family Day care

I have recently started caring for children in my home through Kilmany Family Day Care.

I  have also just started a Unit of my study which refers to child’s play and my next assignment is on creating play spaces for children between the ages of 0-5, Perfect timing!

Below are a few areas that I have set up for today; I have an 18 month old boy and 2yr old in my care as well as my two munchkins.

new pics 105

Chalk on the bricks under the clothesline with the blackboard not too far away.

new pics 104

Play mat with Little People Farm and friends

new pics 101

No sand unfortunately, but the rocks and dirt seem to do the job with dump trucks and diggers

new pics 103

And of course a book corner to recharge the energy batteries.

We have some really great areas outside that I like to use for the older kids, where we set up dinosaurs with natural materials under the tree canopies although the younger boys seem to become a little crazy with the sticks and rocks so I keep those ideas for the days with older children. I’ve also came across this great blog which have given me so many ideas I cant wait to put into action! More to come.


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