A place for her babies

I picked up this great little cradle for $2 at a recent child/baby market. What a bargain!

I just LOVE natural wood playthings but when I got home Jasmine decided that this would look better painted. For $2, I couldn’t say no and truth be told it needed a bit of tender loving care!

new pics 260

After a quick sand and a trip to town she got down to painting. She chose pink and red (I’m not sure if that even matches), and painted the whole cradle by her self.

new pics 286

After her cradle was dry we made an area just for her babies. A change table with cloth nappies, wipes and bibs.

new pics 289

And an area for all her bottles, potty, blankets, baby carriers and clothes.

new pics 287

She has spent every free moment in the playroom mothering her babies and was quite happy when we threw out her old cot (an old shoebox)!


4 thoughts on “A place for her babies

  1. I love the cradle. Jassie has done a great job of the painting! Babies are Ava’s favourite thing at the moment too. We had a tea party with them all this morning!

    Have a great weekend,


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