Snack Bags

Jasmine’s class at school are actively trying to reduce the plastic packaging that is being brought into the school, through school lunches.

Children are encouraged to bring food in snack boxes or reusable snack bags, so today we got busy sewing up some snack bags from Dana’s candy bag tutorial.

These are really cute and have a zippered opening which is easy for Jas to open.

We also made some special treats for her lunchbox tomorrow. The children HAVE to eat their brain food (fruit, vegetable sticks etc) before anything else; but are allowed to take a snack outside at recess or lunch after they have eaten their healthy food.

These M & M biscuits came from a recipe over at Joy of baking and are extremely tasty.

These biscuits fit perfectly in Jasmines cloth snack bags, which can easily be chucked in the wash when finished with.


2 thoughts on “Snack Bags

  1. Oh my gosh those are so cute! Wish I had some crafty thing I could try and barter with you!!! They would make great stocking stuffers for my family.
    Love that the school is trying to reduce their waste. Last year I actually convinced my daughter’s preschool to start composting because so much for their fruit and veggie snack was going in the trash. It is great when schools can act as the example for the kids.

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