Fun after the rain

What do we do after a huge storm? Go in search of puddles of course.

We didn’t have to go far as our driveways floods whenever it rains. The kids had a blast and where thoroughly wet and muddy after our puddle jumping.

new pics 539

new pics 526

new pics 527

Wet kids, clothes and all were dumped straight in the bath after all the fun!

Check out some fun outdoor activities over at Greening Sam and Avery’s weekly outdoor link up.


4 thoughts on “Fun after the rain

  1. Puddle jumping is always a favorite at our house. Right now all of our puddles are frozen so not much jumping. Great photos. Thanks for sharing on the outdoor play party!

    • We are heading into summer, but have had enormous amounts of rain. Puddle jumping is so much fun!
      I’ve been wanting to join the outdoor play party for the past few weeks but have just been slack. so better late then never!

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