Save the dolphins

I was given a lesson on saving the dolphins recently when Jasmine asked me where the oil I was using came from (olive oil). She carefully explained to me and her friend all about people killing dolphins to get their oil and how we need to “save the dolphins” and “protect them because they are important in the ocean”.

She then preceded to draw signs (below) that “one day when I’m bigger” would put them up at every beach so people would know that killing dolphins is the “wrong choice”. As you can see the person in  the picture is holding a knife and there is a big cross over the picture meaning to STOP.

new pics 545

I’m really not sure where this information came from but she sounded very informed and passionate about this journey in life she will one day take.

This conversation really makes me think of what path my children will take in the future and what sort of people they will grow up to be. All I can wish for is that they grow happily and healthily and know that whatever they become will be okay by me. I think Jassy will work in a field with animals.


2 thoughts on “Save the dolphins

  1. That is so cute. It is really funny what things kids come out with and how they interpret the information they hear given their life experience. I’m sure your children will grow to be wonderful people with a social conscience.

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