Advent calendar

Hi everyone, I’m still here. I’ve been battling a shocking chest infection these past two weeks and have not felt like doing much at all. I refuse to take antibiotics, they seem to cause me more problems then help. So I decided to battle through and I now feel like the elephant has been lifted from my chest and I can breathe again. Yippee!

We have jumped head first into the Christmas spirit and have been busy putting up the Christmas tree, Christmas crafting and I even made my very own advent calendar with scraps of material.

It’s pretty crazy but oh so fun, I put a little surprise in the pocket each night for the children to find in the morning.


We don’t spend allot on our children at Christmas time as we believe less is more. So an Advent calendar with some little treats each day is a fun way to celebrate as well. A few of the things that I have for the advent calendar are:

  • Notes with little clues- this sent us on a search and at the end there was a Christmas book and we have also found a colouring book and a felt board.
  • New Toothbrushes
  • Some funky pens
  • Door Letters for their bedrooms
  • Chocolate
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Glitter pens
  • Little ornaments
  • New socks/undies
  • Art supplies

You really can have fun with the concept and do what suits your family. The kids love it!


5 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. SO, so cute! I love your ideas:) I am so glad you are well and your Chest is better!!!!! Hope you have a blast decorating for this wonderful Holiday! ~ Barefoot Mama

    • Feeling much better, Thank-you! I love the decorating and the magic of Christmas. My sisters staying tonight so we are staying up late and driving to town to check out all the house Christmas lights. So much fun!

  2. I love this advent calendar. I am right there with you as far as giving less at Christmas and focusing more on family and our special traditions. We do an advent calendar for our daughter as well and fill it with fun little things that will fit in a 2″x2″ box) – finger puppets, fruit chewies, stamps, stickers, etc. Thank you for more ideas as I still have one more week to fill. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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