Wes Wally

Wes wally

Recently we celebrated my brothers 21st birthday party by dressing up as Where’s Wally and participating in a car rally which took us to the party destination. Each car was  given a sheet of tasks that we needed to do and there were objects that needed to be collected along the way. All of this needed to be documented by taking photographs, creativity was the key.

There were five car loads of teams ranging from 3-5 in each car. I went with my sister and dad and my other 2 sisters took my kids. 

I love some of the interpretations

(Down the nearest slide)

slide2)   wizard


(A picture looking sick near a hospital sign)

hospital sign   hospital sign


(I can’t believe we all fit in here!)

fit1    Fit   


  reflection1    reflections



jump1    jump

It was such an original day and my mum worked hard organising and setting up.

Happy 21st Birthday little Bro!


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