Handprint Christmas Trees

We are celebrating Christmas at my sisters house this year and since she doesn’t have a Christmas tree the kids and I decided to make her one. new pics 892

I’ve been making handprint Christmas trees and reindeers this week with the family daycare children, so Jas, Billy and I decided to do some handprints of our own.

1 hour and 112 handprints later we had enough for a big tree.

new pics 877

The tree is about 1 metre in height, which doesn’t seem too big except when you compare it to the ones I do with the children. A4 size, perfect to send off to Grandparents!

new pics 876

These really are effective and I know there are many tutorials out there.

So here’s what I do-

Paint your child’s hand with green paint and stamp at least 12 handprints onto white paper. (I do six of each hand so the thumbs point out on both sides of the tree).

Leave to dry and then cut around each handprint.

Stick then all together with a glue stick in the shape of a tree, add a trunk and a star on top and that’s it.

Simple, fun and most of all MESSY! Look at that concentration.

new pics 864


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