It’s been too long

It’s certainly been awhile since I have been present on our family blog. a bit of what has kept us busy. We have spent the last two years dairy farming, which I thouroughly enjoyed apart from the fact dairy famrers never get a day off. I was exhausted!

Our children are now 8 and 6 and we have brought and settled into our new life on our 30 acre farmlet. We try to live a healthy self sufficiant lifestyle although we have started from scratch on this run down old farm of ours. Internal fencing is non existent, water is limited, the existing orchard is scattered around the farm and has slowly been destroyed by cattle. Our house is lovely and warm but certain rooms are gutted and closed off waiting for repairs.

I’m itching to get my vegie patch going and I cant wait until we can buy some chooks and ducks. We do however have alot of pigs and piglets, which keep me rather busy at times. Our kidlets have both settled into school now and I am working daily as a cleaner while they are there. Haydn is still working on a local organic dairy farm and I get spoiled with beautiful raw guernsey milk daily. I hope to start blogging again to have that record of our daily adventures. 


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