Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Family and friends.


Carrots for the Reindeers


Gingerbread men for Santa


 Love you all



Handprint Christmas Trees

We are celebrating Christmas at my sisters house this year and since she doesn’t have a Christmas tree the kids and I decided to make her one. new pics 892

I’ve been making handprint Christmas trees and reindeers this week with the family daycare children, so Jas, Billy and I decided to do some handprints of our own.

1 hour and 112 handprints later we had enough for a big tree.

new pics 877

The tree is about 1 metre in height, which doesn’t seem too big except when you compare it to the ones I do with the children. A4 size, perfect to send off to Grandparents!

new pics 876

These really are effective and I know there are many tutorials out there.

So here’s what I do-

Paint your child’s hand with green paint and stamp at least 12 handprints onto white paper. (I do six of each hand so the thumbs point out on both sides of the tree).

Leave to dry and then cut around each handprint.

Stick then all together with a glue stick in the shape of a tree, add a trunk and a star on top and that’s it.

Simple, fun and most of all MESSY! Look at that concentration.

new pics 864


new pics 843

Christmas crafting is in full swing this week with the family day care children.

We have been busy making reindeers today.

These are very easy to make and super cute to have as a keepsake.

I had a little helper too which is always good to help with little wriggly painted fingers. Here’s what we did:

We painted both little hands and stamped two red handprints out onto white paper.

Trace around the little ones foot and cut it out (You can also use a painted footprint).

Wait for everything to dry and cut around the handprints. (Older children can do this themselves).

Now you can either stick all your reindeers all together now or if you have access to a laminator pop your handprints and footprints through that and stick on the eyes and button nose later. Cut around your reindeer once more.

All done!

new pics 837

new pics 840

Very simple and very cute.

Wes Wally

Wes wally

Recently we celebrated my brothers 21st birthday party by dressing up as Where’s Wally and participating in a car rally which took us to the party destination. Each car was  given a sheet of tasks that we needed to do and there were objects that needed to be collected along the way. All of this needed to be documented by taking photographs, creativity was the key.

There were five car loads of teams ranging from 3-5 in each car. I went with my sister and dad and my other 2 sisters took my kids. 

I love some of the interpretations

(Down the nearest slide)

slide2)   wizard


(A picture looking sick near a hospital sign)

hospital sign   hospital sign


(I can’t believe we all fit in here!)

fit1    Fit   


  reflection1    reflections



jump1    jump

It was such an original day and my mum worked hard organising and setting up.

Happy 21st Birthday little Bro!

Advent calendar

Hi everyone, I’m still here. I’ve been battling a shocking chest infection these past two weeks and have not felt like doing much at all. I refuse to take antibiotics, they seem to cause me more problems then help. So I decided to battle through and I now feel like the elephant has been lifted from my chest and I can breathe again. Yippee!

We have jumped head first into the Christmas spirit and have been busy putting up the Christmas tree, Christmas crafting and I even made my very own advent calendar with scraps of material.

It’s pretty crazy but oh so fun, I put a little surprise in the pocket each night for the children to find in the morning.


We don’t spend allot on our children at Christmas time as we believe less is more. So an Advent calendar with some little treats each day is a fun way to celebrate as well. A few of the things that I have for the advent calendar are:

  • Notes with little clues- this sent us on a search and at the end there was a Christmas book and we have also found a colouring book and a felt board.
  • New Toothbrushes
  • Some funky pens
  • Door Letters for their bedrooms
  • Chocolate
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Glitter pens
  • Little ornaments
  • New socks/undies
  • Art supplies

You really can have fun with the concept and do what suits your family. The kids love it!

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I’ve been busy sewing these last couple of days, every spare minute I get. Here is a sneak peak of a few projects I have going on for a certain someone’s 4th birthday coming up. I had a request for a birthday dress with buttons, flowers and frills, oh and pink, don’t forget the pink. hmmm.

   Maekellen 091

   Maekellen 083

The quilt (if you can call it that) is made from a pink cotton tablecloth I had and some preloved baby sheets that were Jasmine’s as a baby. I brought the ribbon for the edges but I’m 30cm too short, bugger. I don’t know how I measured that wrong.

   Maekellen 100