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Christmas crafting is in full swing this week with the family day care children.

We have been busy making reindeers today.

These are very easy to make and super cute to have as a keepsake.

I had a little helper too which is always good to help with little wriggly painted fingers. Here’s what we did:

We painted both little hands and stamped two red handprints out onto white paper.

Trace around the little ones foot and cut it out (You can also use a painted footprint).

Wait for everything to dry and cut around the handprints. (Older children can do this themselves).

Now you can either stick all your reindeers all together now or if you have access to a laminator pop your handprints and footprints through that and stick on the eyes and button nose later. Cut around your reindeer once more.

All done!

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Very simple and very cute.


Sticker stamps

It’s amazing what you find when your clearing out boxes.

My Nana gave me these sticker stamps about  a year ago for the kids to use with their artwork. She found about 50 sheets of these stamps, which my Pa must have collected from newspapers to give to the grandchildren. Although they never made it to the grandchildren but are now being used by his great grandchildren. The children sit down and cut out each stamp and using wet kitchen sponges, they stick them to the paper while looking at all the different types of Australian Wildlife.

A big Thankyou to my Pa who I wish my children had met and who I miss every day. –xox-

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Potato Shape Printing

 While trying to cram a 2500 word essay (due tomorrow) into my day while somehow entertaining my children, Jasmine wanted to do some artwork.

Now Artwork was on the bottom of my To Do List today and I contemplated saying ‘’no, go and watch T.V’’. But then I realised that it was more then a little ironic that I was writing an essay about the Importance of Play in Early childhood and I was telling my child to go and watch T.V. So I turned off the computer and got to making some artwork for the kiddies.

We cut out shapes from potatoes stuck a fork in each shape and squirted some paint on newspaper. That was about as creative as I felt like being!

Well it was a hit and the kids loved it, although I’m not so sure about my paint covered forks, at least it will wash off.         

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Now it’s time I get back to that Essay!

Dollhouse make-over

Jasmine has wanted to spruce up our dollhouse for awhile now. She just loves the plastic pink dollhouses that she sees on TV but I cant justify getting her another one when we already own a perfectly good one. So the dollhouse got a make-over!

sewing 023

Before Make-over.

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After Make-over

We added a few small things such as curtains to the windows, rugs for the floors and some quilts and pillows for the beds. Jasmine cut out some towels and rolled them up with ribbon and helped me to sew a tablecloth for the table.

sewing 041 sewing 044 sewing 043 sewing 040

We actually had a lot of fun and it really does add to the overall appearance of the dollhouse.

She now wants to paint it pink, which we may just do. Although that’s another project for another day.

Heat pack

Jasmine has been complaining of a sore ear at rest time today so after further inspection and no noticeable redness etc., I got busy making her a small heat pack.

I remember my mum making these for my younger sister when she had earache, so I called to ask exactly what she did.

There are many patterns, tutorials on the web but I just used what I had on hand as my mum used to do.

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I used an old towel and cut out two equal squares, sewed around the edges, leaving a small gap and turned out the right way. I had rice on hand which i mixed with some lavender oil and filled the pouch. Added some prettiness and sewed the gap shut.

30 seconds in the microwave and I now have a contented young lady, with the request for a larger one for her sore foot!! Hhmmmm


TV or no TV?

We’ve been struggling in the mornings for quite some time now. The kids want TV as soon as they have had breakfast and I believe that the TV first thing in the morning makes my kiddies grumpy, not to mention the fact that if they watch TV on the mornings we need to go somewhere we are always late. They generally whinge and whine when I say no and lately I have been giving in, BIG TIME. This usually results in grumpy kids AND a grumpy mum.

I also put it down to having no routine. I like to wake and get ready before the kids get up (which hasn’t been happening of late). So this morning I decided to do just that. I woke at 5.30am, this is quite easy for me as I prefer mornings and I also have a husband that milks at the crack of dawn, so his alarm wakes me anyway. I did my exercises and had a shower by 6.45, opened the house up and set up breakie on the bench. I then decided to get play-dough set up on the table so there would be something to divert the kids attention. It was a hit!

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After we were dressed and ready for our day we got to work on our creations. I sat down too and created for a bit, getting up to sweep and do dishes in between my modelling. The kids played happily for an hour and were quite easy to get out the door by 10am to run some errands.

We even picked up a DVD from the local library to watch this afternoon.

I plan to set up an activity such as puzzles, play-dough, paint or drawings each morning to keep the kids entertained and their minds off the TV. Hopefully I can keep this up!!

As a mother, I do struggle with the question I am about to ask you. I would love to hear your thoughts.

How much TV a day do you think is too much?

Christmas crafting

I’ve caught the crafty bug after yesterdays session and just couldn’t help myself.

The kids and I got busy today doing some Christmas crafts for the tree and gifts for family. We make these every year to add to our tree decorations and have already done quite a few the past couple of weeks, some felt baubles.


A favourite of mine is the hand print reindeer’s which I like to do each year just to see how much bigger the kids hands and feet have grown and they look effective in the windows. (Another childcare idea stored at the back of my brain).


And a little gift for the grandparents over in the west. These are in the post as I write this and will hopefully arrive before Christmas, fingers crossed.


I have a few more ideas for tomorrow and the next day. Some snowflakes using patty pans and some hand print Christmas trees (another favourite).