Haydn loves his chooks so a couple of weeks ago my Aunty brought around a light Sussex rooster (Bruce as he has since been named) for Haydn to put with our light Sussex and Plymouth rock hens. Now we do live in town at the moment so I’m pretty certain our neighbours despise us as Bruce likes to start crowing at 4.30am on the dot and doesn’t stop till about 6.30am.

We weren’t quite sure he was working but started collecting eggs to put in the incubator a short time after receiving him. Well three weeks later Haydn calls me to tell me to put my foot down and come home, “We have chickens”. Yay!

As we arrived home, the children were able to see a little chick hatching right before there very eyes and many others were cracking. Jasmine kept a close watch on them throughout the evening and watched as each of the six little chicks cracked their way out of their shells. We had a running commentary the whole time and had to follow her in several times to ‘’Watch this”. We have since put them under a heat lamp in our chicken box to keep them warm and have just given them their first bit of water and mush to eat. They will live in our lounge for the time being and as they grow we will discard the cardboard box and let them have the chicken box as its quite large. I cant wait to watch them grow and am getting quite use to their constant cheeping. I wonder what they will turn out to be? Knowing our luck we will have 6 roosters!

Oh and we still have 6 eggs in the incubator and are pretty sure four have chicks in them.       

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