Millions of Peaches

I know, I know, I have been a shocking blogger this past month. I have been enjoying the holiday season and spending quality time with my kiddies.

We have had an abundance of fruit this season (especially peaches) and we have been busy stewing, freezing, juicing, eating and making sorbet.  Oh so Yummy!

I have also stumbled across fatmumslims blog and have enjoyed following the January photo challenge and thought I’d join in for the month of February. I will post my daily photo’s here.

All you have to do is take a photo everyday using the inspiration list below.


So here goes:

February photo challenge, Day 1.

Inspiration: (My view today)

new pics 1196


Sourdough bread

After 2 failed attempts at making sourdough bread, I decided it was time to ask for some help. My recipes were just not working. It definitely wasn’t my starter as I had been caring for it as if it was a member of the family and it was bubbling away nicely.

I asked my good friends what recipe they used and they gave me a very detailed (Thank you Yas) explanation in the comments section of this post. The recipe comes from the book River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and worked a treat the first time.

new pics 040

new pics 042

I made this loaf when my mother in law was over and it was a great hit. I really recommend this recipe.

As for my starter; I save about a cup of starter each time and pop this in the fridge, when I need it again I get it out of the fridge and feed twice or three times that day and its awake and ready to use. Easy as that!

Nutritious School Lunches

When we moved I was unable to get Jasmine into a Kindergarten. She could have attended school this year but we decided to keep her back for the extra year due to our personal choice.

When we recently visited the local rural school around here they suggested doing an early transition to school. Jasmine now attends school two days a week and loves it.

new pics 030

(Cheeky little monkey)

Jas loves to eat and deciding what to put in her lunch each day is a treat for her. I let her choose from a range of ‘’healthy options’’. We usually have a range of things on offer such as

  • Many types of fruits
  • Vegetable sticks and dip
  • Natural Yoghurt with a variety of homemade purees
  • Home popped popcorn
  • Homemade treats for example choc chip biscuits, apple muffins, date balls etc.
  • Salad wraps/Bread rolls/Sandwiches
  • Dried fruits such as sultanas, mango, paw paw or apricots.

Below you can see what she decided on today.

new pics 025

And of course we have to pack Billy’s lunch as well.

new pics 026

Sourdough starter update

new pics 001

Its Day 5 of my sourdough starter and it seems to be coming along nicely. I’ve been feeding it each morning on a half cup of rye flour and half a cup of water, give a little stir I then transfer it to a clean jar and place back in the pantry.

As you can see above its going through a bubbly stage and apparently this is good; two more days and it should be ready. I cant wait to give it a try!

Sourdough starter from scratch

I love sourdough bread, so I thought it was about time to have a go at making my own. First off I needed to work out how to make a sourdough starter, I’ve browsed the web endlessly trying to find a recipe that sounds right for me. I eventually found a recipe in one of my cookbooks Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon.

The recipes I came across all pretty much called for the same ingredients.

Equal parts rye flour and filtered water.

Here’s what I used:

1cup of Rye flour

1 cup of Rain water

I mixed these up in 2 litre sterilised Fowlers jar, covered the jar and popped it in the pantry a (place of about 20 degrees) to work its magic.

Every day I need to feed the dough with 1 cup of Rye flour and about 1 cup of water to help the starter to develop. This should make a soupy consistency.

new pics 014

Ill keep you updated on how my sourdough starter is coming along!

In our kitchen

Now that we have tamed our very ancient and some what temperamental oven, we have been having fun in the kitchen this week baking to our bellies are full with homemade nutritious snacks.

new pics 003 

To tell you the truth our cupboards are bare and we really need to go shopping!! We have found numerous ways to cook with Oats, Brown sugar, Wholemeal flour, Nuts, Seeds and butter because that is about all we have left.

new pics 002

So far we have made Apricot balls which I posted about early last year, apple muffins, which Sally would make for me when I needed that extra boost while breastfeeding my babies and has now become one of our favourite recipes in this house. We have made Sally’s throat scratchers which are really yummy oaty muesli type bars. We have been making wholemeal bread and rolls in the bread maker and tomorrow we have Anzac biscuits in mind. Yum, I can now see some more nutritious cooking finding its way back into this Kitchen!

new pics 004

(This is Sally’s muffin recipe which Dad wrote out for me on an old envelope)


While shopping the other day we decided to get a coconut to have a try as the kids are yet to taste one. I spent a good half hour last night  researching the best ways to crack open a coconut. Now I’m not sure if anyone has tried to open a coconut but we sure had a bit of trouble.

Releasing the milk was the easy part. One of the coconut eyes is soft and like a plug. All you need to do is insert a knife or pointy object into the eye and release the plug and then drain coconut water out (just ignore the mess in the background of the photo below).

new photos 008

new photos 006

The next part was not so easy!

Through my research I read that you needed to whack the coconut using the blunt edge of a knife around the equator or middle of the coconut to split it open. Easier said then done. I whacked the coconut hard, even tried the hammer, but there was no way it was going to open.

new photos 009

You can also heat it up in an oven to crack it open but that is just too time consuming for me so if all else fails you take it outside and throw it HARD at the concrete ground and send the children scrambling around the ground collecting all the pieces. Not too surprising this did the job and we all had a piece to try.

new photos 011

The verdict on wether we liked coconut, Jasmine loved the water and drank it down but didn’t enjoy the coconut meat, I like the meat (which I already knew) and billy wouldn’t even taste it. So I now have a whole coconut in the fridge for myself and plan on making some coconut milk for a smoothie later today. Yummo