Our day in photos








Waldorf inspired doll


Introducing Daisy our new much loved homemade friend.

I recently borrowed a book from the library about doll making and was inspired enough to have a go.

I purchased all the materials online at Winterwood toys. Unfortunately by the time I received my fabric I had to return the book as someone else had requested it, so not to worry I searched online for some tutorials instead and came up with some great advice on head forming and hair making.


I wanted her to be quite flexible so I hand sewed joints at her ankles, elbows and tops of her legs and I couldn’t stop so I made her a belly button, bottom and knee dimples also.




I am really happy with how she turned out and I know a little girl who likes Daisy just as much as I do.

Tea party for super doopers

I took the kid lets to the op shop last week and came across a gorgeous little china tea set and some silk scarves for child’s play.



Jasmine and Billy put them to good use as soon as they got home. Playing in the garden with the scarves tied around their necks like “Super Doopers” as Billy was calling himself. Having a tea party with my best china teapot, with cries from me, not to kick it off the ledge. ahhh

102_2445 102_2447

And if you take a closer look at the matchbox car in Jasmine’s hand in the top photo you will notice a little friend joined the tea party as well!



 This is what we had for tea the other night. The recipe can be found in this book,  MEAT, (yes that is what it is called) written by Adrian Richardson. It really was an easy meal to make and it tasted oh so good that I had to make it again last night when we had visitors for tea. Just like a real meat Pie. We received a signed copy of this book as a wedding present recently and this is the first recipe I have made with it. It certainly wont be the last.





As most of you know Haydn is a butcher by trade and now that we live on a farm he provides us with our own meat. We have free range piggies in our freezer, a cow and soon to be our much loved lamby. Not sure how Ill go eating her, since I hand reared her, but I m sure she will taste nice. So with all this meat I think this book is now one of my favourites.

Pyjamas for the kids.

My mum gave me a couple of bags of clothes awhile back. In them were two sets of flannelette pyjamas. Now my kids need pyjamas badly, so I thought these would be great to cut up.


. I just traced around some of the jammies we had, altering the size slightly.


For the tops I actually kept the original collar and buttons by cutting the shape in that area of the shirt, I cut out the sleeves, again around the kids old jammies. Serged them all up with the overlocker.


Added some cuffs and Tadda, new pyjamas for my two kid lets. Just don’t look too closely, as B’ s pair has flowers on them, much to H’s dislike.


After taking about 12 photos, this was the best one I got.

Fabric cards

I am just loving these fabric cards. I received this little surprise in the mail yesterday all the way from Canada. It was from one of my skirt winners, you can check out her blog here. I will actually be participating in the Sew what challenge she is having on her blog this month.




As far as I can tell you can make these by stitching fabrics scraps on to card stock. It seems pretty easy, but looks great. I think I might go and have a try. Ill let you know how they go.