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Christmas crafting is in full swing this week with the family day care children.

We have been busy making reindeers today.

These are very easy to make and super cute to have as a keepsake.

I had a little helper too which is always good to help with little wriggly painted fingers. Here’s what we did:

We painted both little hands and stamped two red handprints out onto white paper.

Trace around the little ones foot and cut it out (You can also use a painted footprint).

Wait for everything to dry and cut around the handprints. (Older children can do this themselves).

Now you can either stick all your reindeers all together now or if you have access to a laminator pop your handprints and footprints through that and stick on the eyes and button nose later. Cut around your reindeer once more.

All done!

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Very simple and very cute.


Water play

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If today is anything of what’s to come then I believe I can safely say that we are in for a HOT Australian Summer.

4 weeks

Our chicks are now 4 weeks old and have moved to a pen outside.

Jasmine has taken charge of the chicks and she makes sure they are fed and have fresh water every morning, after her own breakfast. She doesn’t even need to be asked and she also makes sure they are locked up each night. She is such a mother hen that we refer to the chicks as her babies. They certainly follow her round like she is their mother.

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We are really not sure as to what they are yet but we hope they are hens and not all roosters! The one in the front (picture above) is a Plymouth rock crossed with light Sussex. I can’t wait to see how that combination turns out.

Play spaces

As most of you know I work from home as a family day care worker.

I have noticed that some children are able to use their imaginations more then others.

This last week I decided to pack up all the bright colourful toys and bring out toys that allow children to use their imaginations. I added lemons, peaches, bark, shells and rocks to the home corner and took away the wooden and plastic foods.



IMG_1561We played with the dinosaurs and animals in the grass with ladders, rocks and bricks and inside we used pasta threading and mixed dried beans with measuring cups and spoons as sensory activities. The play spaces were very simple and I have to admit some children and parents initial reaction was a one of shock. I could see it in their eyes, “where have all the toys gone”.


IMG_1518 IMG_1521 The first day was tough, it took a bit of time for the children to work out how to play. I encouraged them to add to the areas, going in search of natural materials to add to their play spaces. We sought out muffin trays and cooking utensils to add to their outside play.

After the second day the children realised that the other toys (which they only ever tipped out and moved on) were NOT coming out and with my encouragement really enjoyed using their imaginations. We played doctors using scrap materials and homemade medicines made from water, dirt and flower petals and did some more arrowroot chalk paintings and used contact for some window art. 

IMG_1532 The week went well and certainly kept me on my toes; the children enjoyed themselves and only had brief times when they seemed unable to occupy themselves.


I can teach my child.

Greening Sam and Avery.


After a weekend of last minute assignment writing (yes again) and a little a lot of grumping coming from me. We decided a relaxing day at home was needed. We spent the majority of our day playing quietly outside building dinosaur zoo’s and making flower soup. Everyone had a nap after lunch and I submitted my essay without any trouble. YAY.

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I have some beef stew simmering away nicely on the stove and some homemade herb bread baking in the bread maker. And now it’s time to grab a cider, sit back and RELAX!