Hobby Horse

Recently a friend asked if I could make her nieces a hobby horse. She had seen them around but couldn’t find anyone that had free spots to make her some. I’d been wanting to make one for my daughter for awhile but just hadn’t gotten around to it. So she put me to the test and here’s what I’ve created so far. Meet Bluebell…..


I didn’t use a pattern, just drew a basic horse shape and away I went. I hand embroidered the eyes and around the eye patches. I picked up some ideas from a few other sources. Melly and Me do a wonderful pattern and WhimsyWoo sell some beautiful wooies on Facebook along with Georgie Porge.

IMG_2848                   IMG_2900

This one is for my daughters friends birthday and I’ve ordered some beautiful fabric to make Jassy one and some dinosaur print to make Billy a dinosaur (we will see how that one goes). Then to make two for my friend. I can’t wait to get started!


Snack Bags

Jasmine’s class at school are actively trying to reduce the plastic packaging that is being brought into the school, through school lunches.

Children are encouraged to bring food in snack boxes or reusable snack bags, so today we got busy sewing up some snack bags from Dana’s candy bag tutorial.

These are really cute and have a zippered opening which is easy for Jas to open.

We also made some special treats for her lunchbox tomorrow. The children HAVE to eat their brain food (fruit, vegetable sticks etc) before anything else; but are allowed to take a snack outside at recess or lunch after they have eaten their healthy food.

These M & M biscuits came from a recipe over at Joy of baking and are extremely tasty.

These biscuits fit perfectly in Jasmines cloth snack bags, which can easily be chucked in the wash when finished with.


I’ve pulled out my sewing machine and dusted off the cobwebs. The sewing bug has hit once again and I have been sewing up a storm.

I made some cute buttercup bags, from one of Rae’s many patterns over at Made by Rae.

                        new pics 167    new pics 165

I’ve been busy sewing some bibs for an upcoming market Ill be attending and plan on getting stuck into some skirts and hats too!

                                                       new pics 175

Okay that’s enough computer time, back to the sewing machine for me!

Repurposed Sewing

My sister recently purchased some second hand sheets from a local op shop, as her netball team were having an Op Shop party and they needed some tablecloths. My sister brought them home after the party to be washed and most likely returned to the Op shop. I snapped them up before they got that far and was told if I washed them I could have them. So wash them I did!

As most of you know I like to sew and I also love vintage patterns/material and anything I can repurpose like this play-mat which I made from used woollen blankets, Or these headbands which started off as t-shirts.

sewing 007

The weather is starting to warm up and the kids have grown so much since last year so I decided to make Jas a summery dress from the floral yellow sheet, using my own pattern.

Here is the final product!

                                                  new pictures 012  new pictures 011

Dollhouse make-over

Jasmine has wanted to spruce up our dollhouse for awhile now. She just loves the plastic pink dollhouses that she sees on TV but I cant justify getting her another one when we already own a perfectly good one. So the dollhouse got a make-over!

sewing 023

Before Make-over.

sewing 038

After Make-over

We added a few small things such as curtains to the windows, rugs for the floors and some quilts and pillows for the beds. Jasmine cut out some towels and rolled them up with ribbon and helped me to sew a tablecloth for the table.

sewing 041 sewing 044 sewing 043 sewing 040

We actually had a lot of fun and it really does add to the overall appearance of the dollhouse.

She now wants to paint it pink, which we may just do. Although that’s another project for another day.

Heat pack

Jasmine has been complaining of a sore ear at rest time today so after further inspection and no noticeable redness etc., I got busy making her a small heat pack.

I remember my mum making these for my younger sister when she had earache, so I called to ask exactly what she did.

There are many patterns, tutorials on the web but I just used what I had on hand as my mum used to do.

new pictures 004

I used an old towel and cut out two equal squares, sewed around the edges, leaving a small gap and turned out the right way. I had rice on hand which i mixed with some lavender oil and filled the pouch. Added some prettiness and sewed the gap shut.

30 seconds in the microwave and I now have a contented young lady, with the request for a larger one for her sore foot!! Hhmmmm


A dress for my girl

I was recently given some lovely fabrics  from family friends over in the West. They are beautiful summery fabrics, so what better to make then a summer dress for my girl. The weather is slowly warming up here but it wont be long and summer will be upon us.

Jasmine and I made the dress together or at least Jasmine stood still long enough for me to get her measurements and tell me that she wanted some pink pockets on the dress. We compromised on a pink flower instead. I didn’t use a pattern but I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the dress to look.

103_3216 103_3218 103_3217 103_3224 103_3225 103_3226

I did some shirring on the upper back, my first time and am really happy with the results.

I am currently trying to make myself a mummy copy of the dress using some of the other fabric I was given.

Ill let you all know how I go!