In the Garden

As I continue cleaning up the rental house garden where we are living temporaly, I am amazed at what I find hiding under all the Jasmine bushes and violets. Under the Jasmine I found a very smothered but surviving Apple tree.

new pics 004

new pics 011

We have a quince tree, lemon tree and there are at least seven other varieties of fruit trees planted in the small backyard. I’m pretty sure that we will either be in abundance of peaches or plums as we have many pink flowering trees so far. I have also found an old strawberry patch hiding under the violets which I plan to rescue also.

new pics 012

new pics 009

The kids and I have been busy in the vegie patch as well, planting out our green beans, carrots and sweet pea seedlings. There was also an old pond which was full of murky water, we drained that due to safety issues and family day-care but have filled it with dirt and potting mix and plan to plant out a herb patch in the not to distant future.

It looks like we will hopefully have a very productive season and I can try my hand at some more freezing and canning with all my fowler jars I’ve been collecting and hoarding!!