Painting with Aunty Meg

How fun does this look!

We had a bucket of warm water on hand for easy clean up and the kiddies went straight in the bath when they had finished 

101_3033101_3044      101_3038



The finished products will be going in the kids room at Megs new house.

Yes the kids have their very own room at Aunty Megs.


5 thoughts on “Painting with Aunty Meg

  1. It’s a great idea to start making their room their own. I know I have 2 cross stiches and 2 felt pictures (which I made when I was in grade 2) in Lucy’s room but she won’t want them in there forever. One day I plan on doing this when she wants to decorate it. It’s cheap and will give her something to do for at least an afternoon (I hope).

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